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Sharpen your interpretation skills and improve your diagnostic accuracy through enhanced understanding of the radiologic-pathologic correlation behind disease and how this contributes to its imaging characteristics.

Offering world class, comprehensive training, including:

Four WeekFour-Week Radiologic Pathology Correlation Course
This comprehensive review of radiologic imaging with pathologic correlation provides more than 150 hours of didactic instruction and case seminars covering the radiologic presentation of a broad range of diseases and pathologic basis for all organ systems.
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  • Choose from five course offerings per year
  • Engage expert faculty from some of the most prestigious radiology programs in the U.S.
  • Receive discounted rates on temporary housing throughout the DC area

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Cat CourseCategorical Courses
Ideal for practicing radiologists, AIRP categorical courses focus on specific subspecialties and organ systems. These courses enable participants to utilize knowledge of how radiology and pathology correlate so they can improve their diagnostic accuracy in identifying specific diseases, their treatment and potential complications. 

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Rad OncRadiation Oncology (AIRP-RO) Course
February 1–4, 2016
Improve your understanding of the radiologic appearance of oncologic processes through correlation of images and pathology in this four-day course that offers a comprehensive review of radiation oncology that evaluates imaging in oncologic pathology.


  • Identify common radiologic and pathologic characteristics of malignant and aggressive benign processes commonly treated by radiation oncology
  • Describe radiologic and pathologic features of various malignancies and staging implications
  • Correlate pathologic findings with radiologic images for a variety of malignancies

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Thoracic and Cardiovascular Categorical Course

April 2 – 5, 2018

This course will help you identify imaging characteristics of lesions involving the chest and cardiovascular system that allow for narrowing of the differential diagnosis, illustrate how the underlying pathology of the lesion contributes to its imaging characteristics and highlight those chest diseases in which radiologic imaging is key for accurate diagnosis.

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