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Editorial policy for websites
The American College of Radiology makes every effort to provide informative, balanced, responsible and thorough information. Our expert practicing professional healthcare leadership reviews all content with a goal of ensuring the best standards of patient care.

The College maintains complete editorial independence and separation from advertisers and sponsors on ACR websites and e-newsletters. None of the content is screened, altered or edited by sponsors at any time.

Advertising policy for websites and e-newsletters
The College seeks funding from various sources in order to provide continually updated, high-quality information and programs. This includes advertisements and corporate sponsorships. While we maintain a wall between our content and our sponsors, we see sponsors and advertisers as valuable sources of support and information. The College has engaged Association Revenue Partners (ARP) as the third-party vendor soliciting advertising on behalf of ACR websites.

The following rules guide our advertising policy:

  • ACR has sole discretion in determining the types of advertising that will be accepted and displayed on our websites and e-newsletters. We retain the right to reject advertising that is contrary to our mission and will not accept advertising in any form for any products or services known to be harmful to health (such as tobacco products) or in conflict with ACR standards.
  • All advertising on the websites and e-newsletters will be clearly identified as advertising and is kept separate from editorial content.
  • The appearance of any advertising on ACR websites is neither an endorsement of nor a guarantee for the product, service or company (or the claims made in such advertising) by ACR. ACR disclaims any liability for any act or omission taken in reliance on any advertising on its websites.

Rad-Path Categorical Courses 

Categorical courses provide rad-path correlation for radiology residents and practicing radiologists to show how the underlying pathology of a lesion relates to its imaging appearance. Register for imaging courses covering Abdominal, Breast, MSK, Neuroradiology, Pediatric and Thoracic & Cardiovascular.

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